Wednesday, April 20, 2016


April 17, 2016
I'll leave my bird feeders for the new owners in hopes they'll continue to provide for my feathered family. I'll miss my upside down nuthatches, the dumb little juniors on the ground, the beautiful finches - gold and purple, and my fire engine cardinal who winters with me.  Can't say I'll miss the goddam squirrels. I never managed to outwit them.

- black oil sunflower seeds for all
- antler for the bush
- could no longer afford Niger seed for goldfinches so now filled with sunflower seeds
- diamond willow smeared with peanut butter. Big hit with everyone,
- canary seed for cardinal
-Niger seed for years.  Now sunflower seed. Finches prefer this one.
- Mr. Stow's bird feeder.

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