Friday, April 8, 2016


April 7, 2016

Today, I accomplished virtually nothing.  I fell asleep last night surrounded by my handwriting.  I had plans to get up early this morning and light the fire for the journals, but a heaviness kept me in bed. Maybe I'm coming down with something.  
I pulled out a box of sweaters I had knit during my years at Starlight.  I'd sew all day at STC, then knit all night. I had forgotten the comfort of the knitting language *k1 p4 k1 sl2-k1-p2sso k1 p2 yo k2tog; repeat from * 

I made these invisible thumb mittens for Veenie one year for Christmas. When she unwrapped them, I saw to my horror I had made 2 left mitts.  I pulled one out, but never finished her gift.

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