Sunday, April 17, 2016


April 14, 2016

Today, I managed to pack up most of my studio to donate to the high school. This is all I am keeping. I wonder how many miles of lace I've sewn onto collars and cuffs, yokes and bodices, nighties and negligees.  I was down to the last box under the Bernina, when I came upon all the special embellishment remnants - trims and lace, braids and ribbons.  I always stashed away a little memento from each show.  41 years and hundreds of opening nights. I choose two pieces of lace to keep. I lay them in front of me, then roll them on a piece of cardboard.  Juliette's nightgown and Sally Bowles' bustier, now wound together on the spool of my memory.

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  1. This is just beautiful! I love your delicate work on the lace.