Sunday, April 17, 2016


April 15, 2016

Perhaps it will feel great later, but letting go is HELL.  I remind myself that freeing up space in my life is preparing the ground for new experiences.  After all, I'm going to condo, not a palliative care ward.  I'm blessed with good health. There is so much to be thankful for. This house has felt like a noose tightening around my neck for several years.  Instead of embracing the adventure, I seem to be sabotaging this opportunity by getting sentimental and identifying so deeply with every object I touch. How will I ever be able to tackle Emma's things?

One of A's shells.  Downsizing ain't for sissies.


  1. I remember trying to help Mom sort through her things in the apartment as she prepared to move to an Assisted Living Residence. Every item had a story, a memory attached to it. And every tale had to be told. So it was a very slow process.

  2. Yes, it's quite emotional. Even making up fake stories behind these things is intense. I'm preparing for the day when I really have to downsize.