Monday, April 2, 2018


This is my third year joining in the fun with art journal enthusiasts around the world.  The brain child of artist Roz Stendahl it's 30 days of adopting a fictitious persona/premise and see what develops.  It's a chance to challenge oneself, play, explore a new medium or concept, while joining a community of others doing the same.  

Every morning Roz offers 5 prompts which we can choose to use, or not.  

In preparation, I made a coptic stitch bound sketchbook with 30 pages, using toned Strathmore multimedia paper.  

My personal goal:  
Use Roz's daily prompts as much as possible. 
Use my non-dominant hand
Use gouache and Posca markers
Work spontaneously and playfully WITHOUT storytelling. 
Allow the story to evolve.

I will not decide my character until April 1.

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  1. wow, gorgeous journal! very clever to use non-dominant hand...great idea!