Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 5 Pencil Parking

Day 5
I woke up grumpy so I must be getting better.

Pencil Parking

When I first met Phil, I asked him if pencils came from Pennsylvania.  He's never let me forget it.  So, when he found this at a garage sale last weekend, we had a good laugh.  He told the woman he bought it from, "Allegedly, the pencil was invented there."  She replied, "Yes, I think I heard that."

I'm going to tackle supper.  It may be from a can, but it'll give me something to aim for.

The clinic sent these beautiful alstroemeria.  Dr. Lennox from Moosemin was able to cover for me.  He was happy to come as he spent summers at Wpg. Beach as a child.  His clinic closed due to frozen pipes in Jan.  They have to wait til May to reopen.

Charlotte dropped off some muffins.  She was here only a minute when her phone dinged, then rang.  I sat and drew while I listened to her one sided conversation.  How rude.  Yeah, I'm grumpy.  "Pissed off beats scared every time".  - F. Castle

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