Saturday, April 7, 2018

April 7 Surprise Treat

Day 7

Fancy Sandwiches

Why do I love egg salad? It seems to be the perfect western food.

I used to think the worst thing about Canada was the food.  No spice, no taste, no salt.  I've come to love some things like pasta, but most surprising was discovering eggs.  Before I moved here, I had never had an egg. Yes, I had eaten things prepared or processed with them, but never the simple hardboiled egg.  What a perfect food.

Mrs. Fawcett's husband Bill suffered a stroke last week and died on Tues.  Memorial service was today and Arleigh dropped off some leftovers.

We talked about death and dying.  We decided Bill had crossed the Rainbow Bridge and was playing frisbee with Petey.

बहुत सा आशीर्वाद  (Bahuta sā āśīrvāda) - many blessings

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