Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday - Jake's lesson

I usually hate Saturdays, but today was ok. I'm glad I took my sketchbook home because I was trying to explain the colour wheel to my neighbour's kid, Jake.  I knew he was going to take some spring art classes at the WAG, so I thought I'd do him a favour and teach him his complementaries.  I demonstrated on a page in my therapy sketchbook because it has better paper than my dollar store one.  As I was painting the primaries, I thought of Grandma Kay and how patient she was while teaching me to avoid making mud with the colours.  For a moment I felt like her hands were mine, and I saw myself in Jake. It made me feel like crying, but not from sadness.  It's hard to describe - kind of glad that I have that memory. After I got home from Jake's place, I looked at the colour wheel and saw colour as my friend.   I can't wait to see Dr. E on Monday.  

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