Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday Session - Magazine woman

Today, Dr. E gave me a magazine and asked me to pick a photo that spoke to me.  I opened it to this old woman.  I felt like she was crying out to me.  Dr E asked me what I meant.  I told her that she was lonely, full of regrets and unfulfilled dreams.  I could make up a whole story just from looking at her eyes.  I knew that look - angry and sad. Dr. E asked what advice I could offer her.  I said, "let it out".
Dr. E said, with a smile..."Sounds like good advice. Maybe she should read your book, "I'd Rather Die Than Cry". 

I love Dr. E. She really gets me. She remembers things I've drawn and said and she listens.  She never pushes me to talk.  She thinks I'm an artist.  She thinks I'm strong and for some reason, she seems to have faith in me.

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