Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Session - thanks Dr. E.

I couldn't wait to tell Dr. E that Becca and I are friends again.  We texted all night, and this morning she was waiting at the front entrance of the school to meet me before class.

Dr E was so glad to hear that I contacted Becca to apologize.  She said that I showed great kindness and maturity to own my behaviour.  She thought the orchid was a lovely gift and really liked that I drew Becca in my sketchbook.  She said it was wonderful to take time to be grateful and being able to draw things in my life that I'm grateful for is a way of becoming more content.  She looked at the picture of my Dad and asked me about him.  I said, "Can't I just have a bit of fun today and not get into anything heavy?"  She said "Of course.  You're in the driver seat. "

I drew three birds.  I have no idea why.  I guess my super power is not only being able to turn into a bird, I can turn others into birds.  I told Dr. E that she was in the middle between Becca and me.  I thanked her for saving my friendship.

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