Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Day 9 - Drawing to Music

Dr. Ethans gave me a present.  It was a set of Windsor & Newton watercolour markers.  They had two ends - a brush tip and a fine tip.   After you drew with them, you could go in with water and moosh the colour around.
Then, Dr. Ethans put on some meditation music.  It was kind of New Agey, like you'd hear in a expensive spa. She said that it would be great if I could practice grounding myself when I felt vibratey.  "If you want, you can just listen to the music and draw to it.  Try to let the music lead you on the page. After, you can talk about your drawing, or not".  I really really liked this.  I could have sat there all afternoon and filled the book.  I kind of felt like everything was okay.

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