Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday collage

Inga and Jocelyn asked me over for pizza tonight.  I brought my sketchbook to show them.  I hope they didn't think I was showing off because I was blabbing about stuff all night. It's just that they're the only ones who get me.  Jocelyn and I sat at the kitchen table with some National Geographics.  She cut out images that she liked and I cut them up to make a collage.  I'm going to have to have an answer for Dr. E. on Monday when she asks me what's going on. She'll probably think I'm suppressing a wild tiger of anger inside or that I'm drowning in tears that I've locked inside since Dad left.  I'll be sure to tell her that I wasn't feeling angry or sad at all and that it was fun.  It was super fun. 

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