Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday Session - There's a thing called hope

Dr. E asked me to draw myself as a super hero.  She asked what my super power would be.  I told her it would be bringing people back to life.  She asked if I was missing Grandma Kay.  I said no, that I just said that to make her think I was all depressed.  Actually my super power would be to turn into a bird.  We agreed that would be pretty cool.  I'd be one of those Disney bluebirds of happiness that would land on crying people's windowsills and sing them into smiles. I was kind of being sarcastic, but Dr. E replied, "that would be lovely', so I didn't want to burst her bubble. She said maybe my super power could be hope.

I did a collage and somehow I managed to put the hope thing in there.  I kind of liked it.

I said, "See you tomorrow" on my way out and Dr. E reminded me it's Good Friday.  I totally forgot.  Hope went right out the window.  What a rip off.  I only had 3 sessions this week.  I guess I'll have to do my own art therapy over the weekend.

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