Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tuesday Session - Envisioning my Future

Dr. E was so happy for me.  Today, we talked about how I have found a voice through my art.  I told her how I hadn't felt vibratey for a while.  It doesn't mean that I don't feel angry, or sad, or panicky... it's just that somehow, she's helped me get it out so I don't get so overwhelmed.  

We talked about my summer plans for teaching at the Forest School.  We talked about me maybe taking a yoga class, or trying a daily meditation practice to help me keep grounded.  She encouraged me to keep helping Jake with his art and to test drive some lesson plans on him. 

We did an envisioning exercise, looking at yesterday's drawing.  She asked me to draw what I was feeling about going to Thunderbay to teach art to kids.  I asked her to put on that New Age calming music and let me use the Posca markers and watercolour.  I went in finished outlining with the Pentel brushpen.   

When I finished, Dr. E asked how I was feeling.  Without thinking, I said hopeful.  She asked if she could hug me.  I said yes. That hug felt like today's picture.

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